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HIPS HIPS FEET, ANKLES and TOES FEET, ANKLES and TOES STOMACH and ABODOMEN CHEST, RIBS and BREAST NECK and THROAT HEAD and FACE Rectum/Anus Heart Lungs Eyes,Visions Brain Liver, Gallbladder and Bile Ducts Liver, Gallbladder and Bile Ducts Intestines Liver, Gallbladder and Bile Ducts NOSE/SMELL Eyes,Visions SINUSES EARS/HEARING Skin Diseases Hair on Body Ulcers and Sores Swelling Lumps Blisters and Bumps Rash Sexual Function Problems Sleeping Growth/Stature Diet Development/Learning Problems/Hyperactivity fever, chills and body temperature Bodyache Behavioral and Emotional Body Positions/Movement/Locomotion MOUTH, TEETH, TONGUE and LIPS JAW NECK/THROAT HEAD, SKULL and SCALP Shoulder & Armpit Back/Spine Shoulder & Armpit HANDS,FINGERS,WRIST and NAILS HANDS, FINGERS, WRIST and NAILS LEGS, KNEES ands THIGHS LEGS, KNEES and THIGHS REPRODUCTIVE ORGANS (MALE , FEMALE) ARMS, ELBOW and FOREARMS SHOULDER SHOULDER ARMS, ELBOW and FOREARMS

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Search over 10,000 symptoms, 2100+ diagnoses, 5000+ drugs, and 6,000+ procedures
MEDgle is the first health information engine of its kind: not searchable content, not a rules engine, but a powerful mathematical synthesis of a body of knowledge so huge and complex that no human can hold in his or her mind. MEDgle navigates, then collapses literally billions of medical possibilities into comprehensible clinical information, in real-time. All the data has been entered by physicians. We are still in BETA and continuously updating the database.

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